lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Naked Cowboy Sues Naked Cowgirl for 'Brand' Rip-Off

The Naked Cowboy wants a showdown with the Naked Cowgirl — in court.
Sporting only his signature tighty-whities, hat and guitar, the Naked Cowboy held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to announce a trademark infringement lawsuit against Sandy Kane, a 50-year-old former stripper who calls herself the Naked Cowgirl, for ripping off his Times Square act.

"We're asking the court to immediately halt Ms. Kane's activities so as not to further dilute, diminish and damage the Naked Cowboy brand," an attorney for the entertainer, whose given name is Robert Burck, said in a statement.

The 41-year-old opened and closed the meeting at the law offices of Koehler and Isaacs LLP by serenading the crowd of reporters.

"The Naked Cowboy refuses to stand by idly while Sandy Kane profits from his image, likeness, reputation and good will," Burck's attorney, Joey Jackson, added.

Kane, a New Jersey native who performs for tourists in an American flag bikini and matching cowboy hat, has refused to pay the $5,000 franchise fee that Burck is demanding from her.
"I've been naked for years," Kane protested to the New York Post when asked about a cease-and-desist letter she received last month.

But Burck wasn't satisfied. The notorious songster already collects franchise payments from a woman named Louisa Holmlund, 27, who also performs as the Naked Cowgirl.
While it is not known precisely how much the "Naked Cowboy brand" is worth, one online tipster claimed to see the street performer driving a Cadillac Escalade

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